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Idle No More - Minnesota

Idle No More -MN 


Transparency, accountability and responsibility are ethics and values which hold a movement together. In addition, the acts of love, respect, truth, courage, wisdom, bravery, generosity are part of the values we all need to learn how to operate from. Everyday we need to operate under these principles in order to function from a healthy minded perspective. We have to have integrity because of the broad and far reaching work we all have to do each day as we work together,  its always a good practice to have a set of values, ethics, and principles to operate from so we can sleep at night knowing we all walked in a good way. peace

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Idle No More-Indigenous Report Wednesday at 6:00 Eastern time, listen live to host Patricia Shepard report on up to date news on Native American/First Nations 

Listen on line to Idle No More –Indigenous report with host Patricia Shepard every Wednesday at 6:00 pm reporting and discussing current up to date Indigenous news, current issues and challenges facing Federally Recognized Tribes here in the United States and First Nations in Canada. You will hear issues surrounding fishing, hunting and gathering rights, treaty rights, environmental threats to land water and air and we will listen and discuss music, language, traditions and culture.  

Progressive Radio Network: The #1 Internet Radio Station for Progressive Minds url  You can listen to Idle No More-Indigenous Report 24/7 on the Archives and rate the Idle No More-Indigenous Report on Itunes.

"The Progressive Radio Network is moving forward, and we hope you are coming with us." 


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